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Flag Football Frenzy

A Hollis Brookline flag football team celebrates their third consecutive championship in the Hampshire Dome Flag Football league. Hollis Brookline teams have consistently dominated this league since 2015, always winning their respective divisions. “Flag football is very big at Hollis Brookline, it almost feels like a dynasty,” said Brian Holroyd.

TJ McKenna, Asst. Sports Editor

November 15, 2019

Sports are vital to the culture of high schools all over the United States, and it’s no different here at HB. Football, volleyball, basketball and a multitude of other sports draw crowds composed of students, faculty, parents and more, representing the dedication Hollis-Brookliners have to their athletics. Anothe...

Dark Crop Dropped

The Dark Crop was very much missed this year in Hollis. The exact reason is uncertain and has left many people in the Hollis-Brookline community upset. “Pretty sad [that Dark crop isn’t happening] it was a great place to get spooked,” said A.J. Johnson ‘20.

Quinten Wimmer, Staff Writer

November 15, 2019

Each year, as late October approaches, the Halloween spirit comes out to play. With scary costumes, spooky decorations and everyone’s favorite horror movies, the excitement is never ending. It is a time when people either want to scare or be scared and businesses often take advantage of this by inves...


Over 300 students dance in the HBHS mini gym while having fun with their friends. Many students enjoyed their Homecoming dance by being social and enjoying time with their peers.“It was the most enthusiastic I’ve seen students about the dance…” said Coady ‘20.

Morgan Broadhurst, Staff Writer

November 15, 2019

As the last week of October comes to an end, many school festivities get packed into the last couple of days. The first event to wrap up the month was the HBHS homecoming dance on Friday, Oct. 25 in the mini gym. Bringing back tradition, homecoming took place this year after it was previously replace...

Field Hockey’s Redemption

Seniors on the team played their last high school field hockey game on Oct. 17. Lucky to be on such a hard working team, Ogren ‘22 said, “They are all very passionate and enthusiastic about the sport.”

Morgan Broadhurst, Staff Writer

November 13, 2019

On Oct. 11, the Hollis Brookline Girls Field Hockey team confidently walked onto the field for their game against Pembroke. Both teams, not having won a single game this year, knew it was going to be an evenly matched competition. Determined to break their 26 game, two year losing streak, the girls g...

Game Results – Thursday 11/7-Sunday 11/10

Sports, Writer

November 13, 2019

Results  The Girls Soccer team lost in the Division II semifinals to Bow by a score of 2-0. They finish their fine season at 14-2-2.   The Cheer team competed in the Division II Spirit Championships on Sunday at Pinkerton Academy and finished in 9th place.    The Football team tr...

Success on the Green

Grady Sturges sets up for an easy chip on the green. He was nervous coming in but calmed himself down as the match progressed. Grady later said, “Representing HB for the state made me feel like I had to represent the team as a whole.”

Adam Razzaboni, Staff Writer

November 13, 2019

On Oct. 19, Grady Sturges ‘21 and Aaron Brown ‘20 represented Hollis Brookline in the state golf tournament held at the Beaver Meadow Golf Club in Concord. Competing against cold weather conditions and 16 other golfers, HB’s duo combined for two eventful matches and tied for sixth in the tourn...

A Toxic Concoction

A person is pouring out a soda, but instead of liquid, aspartame is falling out of the can, the same color and consistency as sugar. This shows that people do not know the dangers of aspartame because they cannot see a difference between aspartame and regular sugar.

Tatiana Madsen, Co-A&E Editor

November 12, 2019

For years people have been drinking sugary drinks, diet and original, or maybe none at all. According to Gallup, who randomly selected 2,027 adults who were 18 years or older, 24% consume diet, 32% drink regular, and 43% don’t consume sodas or energy drinks at all. Diet drinks and energy drinks are full...

Dog of the Week 🐕 11-11

This is Nova, Mrs. Flaherty's new puppy! She's

November 11, 2019

Introducing Nova Flaherty! Submitted by Victoria Flahrety

A new member of the cast…

Debra Castonguay works hard everyday to establish strong relationships with students. Castonguay is excited to be working in a great town and to continue meeting her new students. “Hollis Brookline is a great Community to work in” said school counselor Castonguay.

Morgan Broadhurst, Staff Writer

November 6, 2019

With over a decade of teaching up her sleeve, Debra Castonguay joined the HBHS school counseling department in 2019 with a lot to offer. She is admired for her positive attitude and tremendous amount of experience in the teaching realm.  Living in Nashua for her whole life, she jumped at the chance to...

Holiday for heroes

Students participated in the Oct. 28 Holiday for Heroes party, while indulging in cookies and apple cider. They signed 323 cards over the course of the event, but the Red Cross Club hopes to collect more. For those interested in future events relating to Holiday for Heroes, Lorenzo Occhialini ‘20 said, “If you just come in for 15 minutes and write out a few cards, that is a huge help to us.”

Megan Strecker, Web Editor

November 5, 2019

Holiday for Heroes, an event run by the HB Red Cross Club for the past nine years, is wrapping up their card-making festivities. Unlike past years, the Red Cross moved up their deadline for their cards to mid-November in order to send out the cards earlier. On Oct. 28, the club had their annual party ...

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