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The seaon 6 premiere of The Walking Dead is comign soon to Fox. Are you ready?

Are you a true Walking Dead fan?

Isabelle Linder, Contributor June 11, 2015

As one of the highest rated television shows of it’s kind, this series - based on the comic books - has lived up to expectations since its first episode in 2010. The zombie thriller has generated hype...

Keeping calm at Comic-Con

Keeping calm at Comic-Con

Julie Christie, Editor-in-Chief November 11, 2014

Things you’re probably going to have to pay for: everything. - There are the tickets, the parking, whatever the vendors are selling, and even autographs. Those can range from thirty to one-hundred...

A falling TV lineup: quality plummets

A falling TV lineup: quality plummets

Emily Raymond, Contributor October 20, 2014

Fall Television Lineup As the school year begins and the leaves start turning, so too marks the beginning of new television seasons. No longer are students confined to watching old seasons on Netflix...

Fall for the autumn bucket list

Molly McAndrews, Contributor September 16, 2014

Do you ever get stumped when trying to think of unique activities to take part in at any given time, let alone finding activities to do during a specific season? With the seasons coming and going in...

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