A blast from the past


Screen Rant

Students all over patiently wait for sequels of their favorite childhood movies to come out. There is nothing like the feeling of remembering laughing over silly movies at a younger age. “It is nice to see sequels [coming out],” said Rachael Brown ‘20.

Leila Caplan, Staff Writer

There is nothing like going to the theater, sitting in a comfy seat, eating popcorn, and watching everyone’s favorite actors performing in new movies. The highlight of any student’s day is hearing their favorite influential childhood movies are coming out with sequels. Although some students, such as Maddy Giaconia ‘20, “think that the first movie is always better,” a few movies coming out within the next year have most students jumping for joy.

According to Country Living, June 15 is the day that students all over the country have been patiently waiting for. Yes, this is the day when the Incredibles 2 movie finally comes out! In this movie, the Incredibles will once again battle against evil and save countless innocent lives. The family will battle two villians, Frozone and the Underminer. “I am so excited for the next incredibles movie! The first is so funny and a classic for my family! Can’t wait to see what the storyline can offer!” said Carolyn Dolfini ‘20.

The next movie to come is Hotel Transylvania 3. This upcoming movie is about Dracula and his daughter, as well as their fellow monsters, taking a mysterious cruise. The movie will be in theaters on July 13, 2018.

Students all over remember The Grinch, a movie about someone who hates Christmas spirit, so he tries to ruin the holiday. Well lucky for them, on November 9, 2018, an animated version of Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch will be out in theaters.

For many students, Wreck it Ralph was a heartwarming movie about an arcade character that wanted to be good, instead of the bad guy he is pegged for. On November 21, 2018, Ralph Breaks the Internet is coming to theaters. In the movie, Ralph is faced with the challenge of restoring arcade games before they are destroyed. “I can’t wait for the next wreck it Ralph, with the extensive internet there are no limits to what they can come up with!” said Dolfini.

Chances are, most students have heard the influential line: “A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down” from the childhood movie Mary Poppins. Surprisingly 54 years later, Mary Poppins Returns will be in theaters. In this movie, Mary Poppins comes back to help the children she once nannied through hard times during their adult lives.

Student’s favorite childhood movies come back every year with enchanting plots, and hilarious story lines. Who knows, maybe in the next few years, sequels to Moana or Frozen will be in theaters. Thankfully, with additional childhood movies hitting theaters, students can travel into the past and enjoy a nostalgic movie experience.