Fighting for our friend Niko


Leslie Eisenberg

Niko Martin is photographed with (from left to right) Sofia Barassi’19, Gabby Paquin’19, Khishi Patel’19 and Tess Crooks’19 during their Spirit Week assembly in February

Sofia Barassi, Sports Editor

Student council has created a fundraiser in order to aid our classmate Niko Martain’19 in his leukemia recovery. Niko was diagnosed with ALL T-cell leukemia in May of 2016. Since then, Niko has had many other complications including A Vascular Necrosis from the steroids he’s been given, which has caused his bones in his legs to die. This means he needs both knees replaced and his visits to the hospital are adding up.

Our fundraiser is a Red Sox ticket raffle that will allow for all the proceeds to go to Niko and his family. Raffle tickets are being sold as follows: one ticket for $2, three tickets for $5, and five tickets for $10. If you would like to help Niko in his recovery, you can send in your donations to HBHS at 24 Cavalier Court Hollis, NH with your name, phone number and how many raffle tickets you would like. Two winners will be selected in the summer, and each winner will receive two Red Sox tickets for the Sept. 7 game. If a Red Sox game does not interest you, please still consider donating to our dear friend, Niko as he needs it the most.

From everyone at the Cavchron staff, we sincerely appreciate your consideration and wish Niko the best.