Must watch holiday movies


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Home Alone’s mischievous Kevin McCallister plans his defense against the creepy robbers who’ve come to steal his Christmas spirit.

Tatiana Madsen, Co-A&E Editor

When the snow starts to fall and parents start putting-up their Christmas trees, lighting their Menorahs and Kinaras and preparing themselves for the holiday season, the family is often seen sitting around the television to watch their favorite holiday movie. Here is a list of three must watch holiday movies for the cold season while you and your family are cuddling next to the fireplace with hot cocoa.

Every year, Will Ferrell wins the hearts of families with his depiction of Buddy the Elf who doesn’t seem to fit in with the other elves. Santa gives Buddy permission to go on a trip to New York City to find his real father. There, he meets a girl named Jovie at a store called Gimbels who he believes is actually an elf. From there, he meets his biological father, Walter Hobbs, who not only is on the Naughty List, but believes that Buddy is just a bad holiday card greeter. As time goes on, the audience gets to see Buddy go through all kinds of adventures with the Hobbs family. “I like Will Ferrell,” said Averey Gillespe ‘21.

Home Alone
Young Macaulay Culkin likes to make families laugh through his character, Kevin McCallister, an eight year old boy who was left alone around the holidays by accident. All because Kevin was rude, his mother made him spend the night in the attic before the family went off on a trip to Paris. Little did they know that they forgot their son in the attic when they left that morning. Kevin is then left with the sole duty to protect the house from two robbers who see the McCallisters leaving, and find it the perfect time to strike. Home Alone is a classic that has always kept families laughing as an adolescent beats up two grown men trying to rob a house. “It’s a funny one to watch,” said Ethan Peters ‘22.

The Polar Express
Everybody remembers seeing Santa Claus on television and at the mall, but a young boy was able to go to the North Pole to actually meet Santa. Based off of Chris Van Allsburg’s children’s book, The Polar Express shows us the journey of an unknown boy as he rides the Polar Express train on his way to meet Santa Claus. He meets other children on his way, and has frightening escapades as he goes along. This holiday classic has always been a family favorite, and teaches children right from wrong. “It’s tradition [for my family to watch],” said Izaac Rutherford ‘21.

These three movies are sure to make the holidays better when sitting with the family, or just binging by yourself, waiting for the holiday feast to begin.