Freshmen hit the halls

Photo Credit: Julie Christie

Julie Christie, Editor-in-Chief

They came, they saw, they got lost. The class of 2018 has brought the newest batch of students to the halls of HBHS.

“The number system is kind of confusing,” said Avery Webb, ‘18. She said that the floors were easy enough to find, but the numbers were all mixed up.

Along with the incoming freshmen, there are a lot of new transfer students.

“I’m loving it,” said Logan Fendt, ‘17. “Everyone’s really helpful and much kinder. Not like in my old school.”

Fendt is  a transfer student this year.

Emilie Newsham, ‘15, was surprised by the maturity of the incoming underclassmen. “They’re a really diverse group of people,” she said.

After a smooth evacuation drill that sent the new students to the back lot, the newcomers got to enjoy a taste of all the clubs and organizations that HB has to offer.