Love from the library


Julie Christie

Among other activities in the library, Heaton created over a hundred valentines for students to take. There are only fourteen left.

Molly McAndrews, Contributor

With Valentine’s Day a mere blink of an eye away, there’s excitement in the air. Hollis Brookline High School’s librarian, Christine Heaton, took this opportunity to incorporate festive and fun Valentine themed activities into the flow of the library.

“Originally, the setup was meant to be a way to kick off spirit week,” said Heaton. “But since spirit week has been moved to before spring break, these activities are just a way to mix up the daily routine.”

Two mini golf courses, a dress-up photo booth, and oodles of decorations can be found throughout the library. As Heaton said “[this is] a bit of fun on a friday.”

For those who have participated in the photo booth, Heaton is accepting photos to add to the slideshow that runs on the school televisions. Tweet pictures @HBHS_Library and @CavChron