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Among other activities in the library, Heaton created over a hundred valentines for students to take. There are only fourteen left.

Love from the library

Molly McAndrews, Contributor February 13, 2015

With Valentine’s Day a mere blink of an eye away, there’s excitement in the air. Hollis Brookline High School’s librarian, Christine Heaton, took this opportunity to incorporate festive and fun Valentine...

Accreditation: Our School In Flux

Accreditation: Our School In Flux

Alexander Cate, Opinion Editor October 20, 2014

Last year, the biggest fear at Hollis Brookline was not AP Tests, graduation, or even final exams. No, it was the looming threat of losing our accreditation. Accreditation is a title given by the New...

Photo Credit: Evan Moloney

Chess Club Broadens its Horizons

Evan Moloney, News Editor October 16, 2014

The Chess Club just got a little bigger. For the past two years, Hollis-Brookline High School has had a chess club, meeting on and off throughout the school year. It was one of the school's more modest...

Opening a new chapter in the library

Erin Hattamer, Video Editor September 30, 2014
Three teachers are taking the advancement of Hollis Brookline's multimedia programs to the next step.
An illustration imagining a possible change in the library, with a shelf removed, Heaton says that the space can be filled with comfortable seating for students.
Photo Credit: Julie Christie

Library undergoing renovations

Julie Christie, Editor-in-Chief September 11, 2014

A librarian throwing out books? Taking away shelves permanently? Members of Hollis Brookline High School first raised their eyebrows at the strange happenings in the school’s library, until Teacher-Librarian...

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