Nice to Meet You!

Nicole Poitras, A & E Editor, Blogger

Hello hello!

Welcome to my corner of the CavChron. I’m Nicole Poitras ‘17, and I’m so excited to be the CavChron’s first blogger. Every week I’ll be writing posts about my thoughts, events that happen at school, and anything else that might come to mind. I hope to make every post different, but I am also planning to have some regular features. One of those, which I’m going to introduce right now, is called (*drumroll please*) “Overheard at HB.”

The title says it all – throughout each month I make a collection of interesting and hilarious things I overhear around HB. Then, the last week of the month I will compile them here for you all to see. No, I do not put names. All quotes are anonymous, and I promise I do not make them up. So be on the lookout – you may see something you said pop up here!

Since September ended not too long ago, I’ll kick things off by providing the first installment of this section.

Overheard at HB – September 2015

  1. “Can I borrow your eyebrow for a second?”
  2. “Yeah, but where’s my Lysol?”
  3. “Who has a face in here?”
  4. “It’s telling you your face is scary enough without the filter.”
  5. “Why fall in love when you can fall asleep?”

No statement is safe with me around… *evil laugh*

Ahem, well at any rate, now it’s time to discuss the next matter of this blog: the fact that I am female.

This obvious fact poses a problem in creating a school blog: although I will try my hardest to make my posts as relatable to both genders as possible, the fact of the matter is that my writing will always lean slightly more toward the preferences of the female population. It’s not that I don’t like dudes. You guys are cool. But my preppy female brain wouldn’t always think to write a post on, say, the best dealerships to buy trucks. It took me a good ten minutes to even think of the example “best dealerships to buy trucks.”

That being said, in order to make this blogosphere more boy-friendly, each week an accompanying “Notes from the Man Cave” piece will be published in the Sports section, for those of you craving content with a little more facial scruff. We are not trying to create a gender divide. We are trying to accommodate the interest of all students.

I think that covers everything, at least for right now. So it’s your turn. Tell me what you want to see on this blog. Tell me what you hope this can become. If you don’t like something, let me know in the comment section below. I want this to be a dialogue (school appropriate, please!), and I hope you want to join in the conversation. Thank you for supporting this pilot journey. Let’s see where things go!