Notes from the Mancave: Bro Activities

The mancave of Wyatt Farwell and his friends

Wyatt Farwell

The mancave of Wyatt Farwell and his friends

Wyatt Farwell, Staff Writer

Man friends hangout, but we don’t just sit around and talk. Hangouts need to be based around a good activity for the bromance to run smoothly. So what are some good bro activities to fill the gaps between conversation?

For starters, movement is good. Any physical activity like hiking, biking, or fishing are guaranteed to be a good time. These activities have something to work towards; a common goal for the friends involved to commit to and reach for That’s where the bonding experiences come from. Other good activities are building projects, like making a fort. These activities are both manly and fun.

Not all activities between man friends have to be super physical. Matt Simco ‘18, says he likes to “play sports video games” with his friends, this brings about the point that any sports related activity is usually a good call. If you and your friends are in the musically talented group of human beings out there, you can be like Joe Messina ‘19, and “Play music [or] jam” with your friends. Messina also said, ‘Me and my friend[s] make food all the time, especially eggs.” So cooking, while not necessarily manly is still a viable option for something to do, because who doesn’t like to eat?

If you’re old enough, even more age-restricted bro activities are open to you, like watching R-rated movies in theaters. Michael Fox, who is old enough to do literally anything, says that bros should “watch each other get tattoos” for fun. Tattoos are a fun and permanent way to express your opinions via pictures or words.

Don’t be afraid to return to your primitive roots with your bros. Go out into the woods with nothing but loincloths and knifes and see how long you can survive there. Make fires, set traps, and live off the land. It’s a wicked good time.

In the end, these are all just suggestions for you to enjoy with your bros and you can do anything you want, because anything you do with a bro is a bro activity by definition.