What you get off the field

Stephanie Buchanan, Staff Writer

High school sports are everything in the world to some students, while others may not turn a head for them. The participation for sports at HB is high; if you ask any student, most of them will report that they play at least one sport. Niche, a company that rates the top twenty five schools in New Hampshire, rated Hollis Brookline with an A- for sports. This shows that whether you do sports for fun or competition, you will get a lot out of them by playing for HB. Students who don’t participate in sports often wonder why someone would want to join a sports team, but what many students don’t realize is that they may think they only signed up for a season of an activity but in reality they are getting lessons that they will continue to use the rest of their lives.


Erin Robbins, a Spanish teacher here at HB has been involved with sports her entire life. In high school, she engaged in softball and soccer; excelling at  both. She is now the head softball and bowling coach here at HB, “Through sports, I learned about teamwork, working with others, commitment and hard work,” said Robbins.    


Sports are a great opportunity to make friends, stay busy and, healthy but they are also good for life lessons . When a coach tell you to do something, you are learning to listen and take in other people’s ideas. It teaches you how to get along with people who you don’t necessarily like, which will most likely be a topic brought up again in your life when you enter the workforce. Sports are great for teaching commitment; as an athlete, you must arrive to school by 8:30 in order to participate in your activity, which presents a topic you will use the rest of your life, it teaches you being on time is important and necessary.  


“Kids who participate in team sports are also more likely to be active, hard working students, and better future workers. That’s because organized athletics teach kids how to be disciplined during practice, how to focus on the task at hand, and how to have patience when the going gets tough.” a quote from Kristin Chessman, who wrote an article on team sports at sheknows.com. Chessman brings up the important point of the workfield after schooling and organized sports are over. You carry the lessons you learn through sports with you the rest of your life.

Most kids play sports for fun, and don’t realize all the life lessons they are receiving through them. If you aren’t the athletic type, clubs such as robotics and theater can offer you many of the same life lessons, so weather you are athletic or not, joining a club or team could be one of the most beneficial activities you may partake in at your four years here at HB.