Mr. HBHS: Looking for the best

Emma Dougherty, News Editor

Students are already seeing the first signs of the multi-step process that leads to the big night of the annual event Mr. HBHS is coming around again on February 18 this year. The nominations for participating contestants were held this past Tuesday and Wednesday during all the lunches.

“Write down one person you would like to see [participate] in Mr. HBHS,” senior Class President Cat Cotton ‘16 instructed students in the cafe this past Wednesday. Seniors were able to nominate up to 4 of their fellow classmates, juniors could use 3 votes, while sophomores received 2, and freshman only got 1 each. To nominate a contestant, students had to write down the first and last name of who they were putting forward on a slip of provided paper before placing it in a clear plastic bin, monitored by student council. Those who tended to the nomination booth were members of student council and according to Cotton, “anyone who wants to help.”

“This is my first year going through [Mr. HBHS] with the senior class, so it’s all brand new to me, as well,” said senior class advisor and English teacher, Lisa Danis. As a class advisor since 2001, Danis stated, “I’ve always been involved with student council so [Mr. HBHS] seemed a natural fit.”

Ballots to nominate the contestant for Mr. HBHS have been released, and the voting took place this past Friday. The Senior Circle includes Bradley Simpson, Keenan Troddyn, Wyatt Farwell, Erek Bodholt, Peter Bertone, Eric Pratt, Matt Bonnette, and Eddie Arnold. The Junior Circle is putting forth Bryce Newsham, Paul Menard, Gordon Currey, Brian Delany, Nick Vertullo, Nathan Buckley. The Sophomore Circle includes Chris Cadman, Ian Mauch, Isaac Wimmer, Patrick Grimes, and Dave Bonnet. With the Freshman Circle sporting Million Beaulieu and Joe Messina.

Wyatt Farwell ‘16, a ballot candidate stated, “I feel like I’ve been nominated every year.” Though Farwell has never made it into the final competition he said, “It’s nice to be voted onto something even if I’m going to be MC [Master of Ceremonies] anyways.” This is Farwell’s first year as MC therefore he is required to attend the several rehearsal meetings before Mr. HBHS night, “I can’t just wing it,” Farwell stated.

The preparation that students need in order to participate successfully in the event is a “huge process,” according to Danis. Candidates are required to come up with an act and a talent, as well as attend 3 formal rehearsals. Individually, they practice to show why they should be chosen by the judges (the faculty) to represent HBHS. A price has not been decided for tickets to the upcoming event, but it will be released soon. Until then, students only have the option to wait for more news.