Chow down with the best game day snacks


Shannon Fitzpatrick

The ingredients for buffalo chicken dip, a popular snack on game day.

Shannon Fitzpatrick, Staff Writer

Each year around this time, many families gather by the TV to watch one very special event: the Superbowl. Although New England fans still mourn the Patriots’ loss to the Denver Broncos, many people will still choose to watch the upcoming game.

The Super Bowl will air Sunday February 8 on CBS at 6:30pm. This year, the teams facing off will be the Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers.

During a game with as much tension as this, people tend to turn to one thing to make it through: food.

Every year families throw Super Bowl parties. With this comes people stress eating before, during and after the game. After all, the best part about the gatherings is the food. There are always so many options, but what is the go-to dish?

In order to have a successful game day shindig, you’ve got to start with the basics: chips and dip, pigs in a blanket, and buffalo chicken wings.

When asked what his favorite game day snack was, Adam Zingales ‘16 stated, “Chicken wings. Any kind of chicken wings!”

Many households have their own traditional munchies that they serve on game day. Josh Kyrias says that at his house, “Hot dogs wrapped up in bacon is for sure my favorite!” For Sarah Connell ‘16 her favorite dish is her mother’s seven-layer dip, served with tortilla chips.

This month we have been fortunate enough to have abnormally gorgeous weather. Having all of this warmth sure reminds us of grilling season.

Despite the recent snow, Nathan Etchells ‘16 is still hoping that his mother will be able to grill his favorite burger sliders.

Dips seem to be the most popular game day snack because you can make them in so many different ways. A few common favorites are artichoke dip, black bean dip and queso dip.

As we can see, everyone has their own meal that they look forward to eating on Super Bowl Sunday. It does not matter what your favorite dish is, as long as it gets you pumped for the game.