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Monument Square Market is located at 4 Monument Square, Hollis. It has the best pizza, even if a little pricey. “We use all premium ingredients,” said Bourdreau.

Hollis’ surprising amount of pizzerias

Alec MacEachen, News Editor January 8, 2019

Hollis’ small population of 7,800 supports the local businesses of the well known Monument Sq. Market, the homely Hollis House of Pizza, and the relatively unknown Pizzeria Zacharia. Pizza has long been...

From the Farmers Almanac website, this map of the US shows its predictions for the 2018-2019 winter, warm and wet. Not very wintery but at least its not absolutely freezing cold.

Does this weather predictor put weathermen everywhere to shame?

Avery Desruisseau, Staff Writer January 8, 2019

As seasoned New Englanders, most of us know to hunker down and suffer through the bitter cold winds and heavy snow falls winter loves to bring us. We look at weather apps on our phones, watch the news...

Gift cards are increasingly popular among US consumers, as demonstrated by this large selection. Unfortunately, gift cards can be an inefficient vehicle for an exchange of value.

A Christmas dilemma

Noah Penasack, Op-Ed Editor December 20, 2018

It’s Christmas morning, the family rushes to the Christmas tree, staring at the mountain of parsels. First, you open a strange craft kit, then a shirt two sizes too large, then, finally, a heavier package,...

Scott Anneser ‘19 stands next to his gingerbread house, a project assigned in Foods class at HBHS. “The making of the gingerbread house combined teamwork, friendship, and hard work with making food and learning. ...we learned to problem solve and persevere through all the adversity. It was a great experience,” said Anneser.

Midterms: projects or tests?

Sydney Speir, Ian Babcock, and Nathan Eisenhauer December 19, 2018

As the first semester comes to an end, teachers and students alike are beginning to prepare for midterms. For students taking traditional tests, the month of January means hours of tedious studying and...

“Special Forces Soldiers from the 3rd Special Forces Group patrol a field in the Gulistan district of Farah, Afghanistan with Afghan National Army commandos from the 207th Kandak, April 12.” -Spc Joseph A Wilson

Afghanistan: an American responsibility

Noah Penasack, Op-Ed Editor November 29, 2018

As American politics appear to be in perennial turmoil, the focus of the American population has turned away from foreign policy. In times of great domestic turmoil, it is easy for national politics to...

The results of the 2016 presidential election broken down by voting districts. Even at this level, the districts misrepresent voters intentions.

There is no such thing as a blue state

Noah Penasack, Op-Ed Editor November 13, 2018

Political media likes to describe states as “red” or “blue,” but the reality is that most are some shade of purple. Most states are made up of diverse political opinion, regardless of its color...

Dr. Dawn Breault is in charge of the ELO program at HBHS. She started the program last year, and has been working with career counseling for almost 15 years. “The purpose is to bring the world of work to life,” she said.

Extended Learning Opportunity comes to HBHS

Katelyn Sova, Staff Writer November 9, 2018

For some students, figuring out what they want to do as a career can be challenging. Introduced to HB last year, the Extended Learning Opportunity program (ELO) is a helpful tool for students who may be...

Redlining was used for decades to decide where the FHA and VA would ensure loans. Houses in areas with African American residents usually did not qualify. This policy was blatantly unconstitutional because it made African Americans second class citizens.

I’m a Democrat…and I agree with Ben Carson

Noah Penasack, Op-Ed Editor October 1, 2018

In this era of extreme political polarization, it is important to be able to recognize when an opponent introduces a motion that deserves bipartisan support. Last month, Ben Carson made an appeal to...

A young student is encapsulated by the script of the movie Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. JK Rowling wrote the script after becoming attached to one of her created characters, Newt Scamander. “[In the new movies], you get to think about the ‘good ole days of Wizardry’ and the origins of everything we know and love about Harry Potter… ‘Fantastic Beasts’ has this happy, warm lighting. You’ll notice everything has something of a tint of yellow, there’s like natural sunshine or a rejuvenation of joy that comes with Harry Potter,” says Milette.

JK Rowling adds another 5 chapters to her Potter Universe

Emmie White, Assistant Head Editor September 6, 2018

“Whether you come back by page or by the big screen, Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home.”- JK Rowling Again, JK Rowling has created another chapter, or chapters might I say, in the...

 Joe Caswell ‘19 uses his iPhone 7 like many students around the Hollis-Brookline community and beyond.

Why is the apple still your favorite fruit?

Joe Messina, Staff Writer November 13, 2017

Sunday morning rain falls as Joe Caswell ‘19 sits at his kitchen counter in his home in Hollis, NH. He sips his coffee as his fingers move around on his Apple iPhone 7, connecting with multiple people...

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