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Soles4Souls comes to HB

Students from Balfour's World Studies class next to the collected shoes. From back left Bethany Schwarm '17, Jenn Choate '17, Grace Anneser '17, Maegan Castriotta '17, Nicole Poitras '17 From front left Josh Farmer '17, Kaitlin Johnson '17

Lauria Patz, Entertainment Editor

May 13, 2014

Soles4Souls is a global non-profit organization devoted to fighting for the impoverished all across the world. They fight by collecting gently used or new shoes and clothes and then distributing them to those in need. They also create small enterprise programs during distribution in these small and disadvantaged...

How to write a resume

Lauria Patz, Entertainment Editor

April 17, 2014

Coffee vs. Tea

Lauria Patz, Entertainment Editor

April 11, 2014

Twiddle on the rise

Keep an eye out for this up and coming band.

Mike Charron, Contributor

April 10, 2014

Vermont is known for its beautiful mountains and foliage all around and, of course, Ben and Jerrys. But if you truly love Vermont and music, you would know it's also known for being heavily influenced by the jam band scene. Phish, one of America’s biggest bands in the ‘90s, comes right from Burlington,Vermont....

The brown bag advantage

Lauria Patz & Matt Claire, Entertainment Editor & Sports Editor

March 26, 2014

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AP tests are they worth it?

College Board is head of the AP tests.

Lauria Patz, Entertainment Editor

March 20, 2014

For many seniors at HB it’s that time of year again and students anxiously await the return of college letters. Along with the struggles of applying for scholarships and working on financial aid there is also the looming AP tests. These Advanced Placement tests are college level classes that allow...

Juicing, a spring favorite

Homemade juice can't be beat.

Lauria Patz, Entertainment Editor

March 20, 2014

Health fanatics are always on the hunt for a new trend and juicing seems to be the next big thing. However for every positive to a health craze there are always downsides as well. Juicing is taking fruits and vegetables and putting them through a juicer which gets rid of the pulp or fiber of the item...

Bode Miller’s emotional ride

Lauria Patz, Entertainment Editor

February 17, 2014

The Sochi 2014 Olympics are well under way and with them the emotions of many amazing athletes. Just the other day New Hampshire's own Bode Miller was brought to tears after finishing the Men’s super-G competition with a bronze medal. The medal however, was not what brought tears to his eyes as an...

Internships a hidden gem

Lauria Patz & Sara Swabowicz, Entertainment Editor & Co Editor- in-Chief

February 17, 2014

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