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Students in HBHS’s AP U.S. Government class stand outside of the NH Legislative Building after winning their district hearing. Out of the six units of the We The People text, HB got the highest score for three units, qualifying them to move to the state level. “[Students are] always very competitive,” said AP U.S. History teacher Trevor Duval. “I’m always impressed by their depth of knowledge and understanding.”

First Row (left to right) Rachel Ash ‘19, Teagan Hudzik ‘19, Kay Partridge ‘19, AP US Government teacher Trevor Duval Second Row: Zaki Quereshy ‘19, Tess Crooks ‘19, Cordelia Scales ‘19, Nicole Plummer ‘19, Robbie Dwyer ‘19 Third Row: Rachel Cerato ‘19, Caroline Smith ‘19, Jillian O’Hara ‘19, Jacob Ponders ‘19 Fourth Row: Maya Ruvido ‘19, Myah Caplan ‘19, Emma Pellerin ‘19, Tristain Hoenninger ‘19 Fifth Row: Jack Sinclair ‘19, Joe Caswell ‘19, Madoc Lewis ‘19, Alex Dougherty ‘19, Kyle Swope ‘19

Nora Miller, A&E Editor

January 10, 2019

On Dec. 7, students in Hollis Brookline High School’s AP U.S. Government class traveled to Concord, NH to compete in the district We The People hearing. HBHS students were joined by three other high schools at the NH Legislative Building to be tested on their knowledge of the US Constitution and Gove...

Sweater weather: Teacher edition

All of the participating staff members pose for a group photo in the auditorium yesterday morning. Sweater day was definitely a big hit among the HB staff and students! “Sweater day has been the best day so far in my entire experience at Hollis Brookline High School, because I get to wear a giant unicorn on my shirt all day long” said Heather Hamilton, English teacher.

Hannah Riseman, Features Editor

December 22, 2018

Yesterday, December  21, 2018, staff members across every department joined forces in the ultimate holiday sweater take-over. In order to incorporate the student body, the staff decided to turn it into a twinning scavenger hunt. Throughout the day, students had to find the teacher pairs with mat...

The art of poetry and oratory: Poetry Out Loud 2018

All ten of the 2018 Poetry Out Loud competitors gather for a group photo. The annual competition is about more that winning- it is a celebration of poetry as an art and a performance. “Let yourself fall in love with the poem each time you speak it,” said Lin Illingworth, English teacher and Poetry Out Loud supervisor.

Hannah Riseman, Features Editor

December 20, 2018

On Dec. 18, Hollis Brookline High School held its annual Poetry Out Loud competition, a national poetry recitation contest, complete with ten contestants from across all four grades. The well attended event filled the auditorium with a sea of applause for the entirety of fifth period, celebrating th...

HB The Change initiates Challenge Day

A Challenge Day ambassador raises her hand in unison with students at an assembly.

Emmie White, Assistant Head Editor

December 4, 2018

On Dec. 6, 100 HBHS students, all of varying grades, will participate in the first HBHS Challenge Day which was organized by club HB The Change.   With headquarters located in California, Challenge Day is an organization that travels internationally, establishing in- school field trips in an att...

Thank you, Local Veterans

The fantastic HBHS band plays during the assembly in the above photo.

Emmie White and Mark Labak

November 14, 2018

Every year at Hollis-Brookline, the Homefront Club welcomes veterans from around the community to honor them at a school-wide assembly. The veterans and active duty military are recognized for their service and honored at a school-wide assembly and luncheon, courtesy of the Homefront Club. The Home...

World History gone international (again!)

This picture was taken in Prague, Czech Republic.  You can see the beautiful castle in the background, and the people enjoying this wonderful city.  This trip will feature this city, as well as Vienna, Austria, and Budapest, Hungary. “To see a city that has existed through all those events and has been shaped by them,” will help students connect more with their history learning, said Ellis.

Ian Babcock, Staff Writer

October 30, 2018

Over April Vacation of 2019, Hollis Brookline High School students will embark on a journey halfway across the globe for a trip they will never forget  These students will be accompanied by: Christina Ellis and Jennifer Given, both history teachers, and other HBHS teachers. They will travel to major histo...

Trick or treat? Popcorn or caramel apples?

Kylie Whiting ‘19 enjoys a sweet caramel apple during Thursday’s CAV block. She's one of many students who has enjoyed the new monthly treat sold by Life Skills Program. “Caramel apples are the best. Sticky candy and a crisp apple, you can't go wrong with that!’ said Whiting.

Avery Desruisseau, Staff Writer

October 26, 2018

It's that time of year! Fresh, crisp, tart apples are slathered in sticky, sweet caramel; and if you're lucky, the beautifully glazed apples might be adorned with a coat of sprinkles or maybe even M&Ms. Yum! As a student, if you're interested in one of these sweet treats, then keep reading. Starting...

Apple’s Newest Technology

Kelsey Sova ‘22 is pictured here with her iPhone 8. The iPhone 8 was released last year as well as the iPhone X. Sova prefers the iPhone 8 because the iPhone XS is “very expensive.”

Katelyn Sova, Staff Writer

October 23, 2018

One of the most highly anticipated events in technology every year is the announcement of new devices from Apple. This year, on Sept. 12, multiple new devices were introduced. These included three new iPhones: the iPhone XS, the iPhone XS Max, and the iPhone XR, and a new Apple Watch.   T...

HB tackles distracted driving

 Danny Hyatt ‘19 is wearing the augmented reality goggles and trying to text while virtually driving for the Augmented Reality Distracted Driving Education System distracted driving simulator. Students had to opportunity to try the simulator throughout the school day to learn about how distractions such as texting and driving and having passengers in the car can affect driving. After trying the simulator and experiencing all kinds of distractions, even more unusual ones like being poked and having the seat kicked.“It could prepare you in case [a distraction] does happen and would know how to handle the situation better,” said DeJoie 
(Picture was taken by Officer Bergeron)

Nora Miller, A&E Editor

October 17, 2018

On Sept. 19 and 26, HB students from all grades took part in two different field trips focused around preventing distracted driving. The first was a distracted driving simulation held outside of the high school, and the second was a conference on distracted driving in Concord.   The Augme...

Last week’s Massachusetts house fires

Merrimack Valley, shows the total area affected by the fires in Massachusetts. The area has the towns of Lawrence, Andover and North Andover, along the western border. Other places in the area include Amesbury; Boxford; Georgetown; Groveland; Haverhill; Merrimack; Methuen; Newbury; Newburyport; Rowley; Salisbury; and West Newbury. Hudzik says that everyone in the area knows, “someone directly affected,” by the fire, and that his family in Massachusetts has, “turned off gas and are afraid to turn it back on.”

Alec MacEachen, News Editor

October 2, 2018

Three towns in the Merrimack Valley area, 40 minutes away from HBHS and just over the Massachusetts state line, have been put into state of emergency by Governor Charlie Baker due to gas fires that destroyed homes. One person has been killed, and 20 have been injured in this event. The only death was ...

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