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Walkaround at HBHS

Tom Whalen describes the changes being made to the high school. Community members participated by asking questions about logistics, costs, and intentions.

Mary Martin, Assistant Editor

November 13, 2017

The Facilities Committee hosted a presentation and tour at the high school Monday, October 23 to inform community members of the proposed changes to the campus and the building. At the walkaround tour, visitors were able to see the current conditions of the weight room and mezzanine level storage...

French club attracts crowds for Parler pour Parler

Allowing kids to naturally improve their French, games are also enjoyable. Apples to Apples En Francais is a popular choice. “So we play those games in French and we communicate in French, and there is quite some Frenglish, but it is not stressful, very spontaneous, and it’s lots of fun,” says Madame Faucher.

Noah Penasack, News Editor

November 11, 2017

French club reaffirmed its popularity on Wednesday, October 25, with their second event of the year: Parler pour Parler. According to Madame Faucher, “Parler pour Parler” roughly translates to “to speak just to speak,” but speaking French isn’t all it involves. The event drew many peopl...

Help save a life, it’s in your blood

A group of students helps out at the school’s November blood drive in 2013. The Red Cross Club is known for a multitude of events throughout the year beyond blood drives, from safety training to card-writing for American troops overseas. Members of the community would like to see even more events and involvement in the future. “Through a more widespread participation from the school, [Red Cross] would make a bigger impact, but, right now, it is an isolated entity that acts on its own,” says Jack Aldana-Proulx ‘18. He hopes to see more events in the future.

Patrick Bloniasz, Editor in Chief

November 8, 2017

The HBHS Red Cross club is  holding a community blood drive on Nov 15 in Hollis Brookline High School’s mini-gym. Blood donations from individuals 16 and older will be accepted from 8am-1pm. Online registrations are strongly encouraged, and can be done by clicking on “blood drives.”   The student led group--advised by English Department Head, Heidi Foster--has been holding a...

New teachers transition to the new year

New Latin teacher Matt MacFarline sits at his desk, preparing for the day ahead of him. “I love it here at HB...I chose Hollis Brookline because of the community. There’s this really strong bond here between the students and the faculty. The students all want to learn here. I didn’t always get that same feeling in other areas,” said MacFarline.

Michael Friedman, News Editor

November 8, 2017

The beginning of the school year offers a rough transition between the easy-going summer months to the long trek of academic growth ahead. While every student remembers the harsh first quarter of freshman year, a stark difference from the middle school with which they had been acquainted, not many s...

Potential facilities changes at HBHS

Additional space in the weight room will allow for the creation of a second floor, making room for the robotics lab and improvements to the current weight-training facilities. The changes would also allow the athletic directors to relocate to an office in the strength training space. “Kids could theoretically come in during a study and work out and not have to worry about ‘Is there a teacher there?’” said HBHS Principal Rick Barnes.

Mary Martin, Assistant Editor

November 6, 2017

The Hollis-Brookline Cooperative School Board met in the middle school library Sept. 19 to discuss the proposed changes to the high school. The Facilities Committee hopes to add a second floor in the space above the current weight room to fit a robotics lab, transform the weight room into a cross-tra...

It’s college time!

Jonathan Brackett ‘18 sits and finalizes his CommonApp as time winds down on the Early Action deadlines. “I think I’m in a good spot as far as the application goes,” said Brackett as he filled in his information.

Scott VanCoughnett, Features Editor

November 6, 2017

As if the beginning of the school year didn’t include enough already, an immensely large percentage of seniors are trying to cram in college applications as well. Seniors who are applying to college are currently working on their CommonApps, filing for need and merit based scholarships, finalizing ...

Farm fresh Fridays

Students pose with the Farm Fresh poster. Students Eryn Bavis ‘18, Shannon Heidel ‘18, Emma Moir ‘18, Rhiannon Shebak ‘18, Ashlyn Bodholdt ‘18, Richard Huppe ‘18 are in Foods and Nutrition 2 and are helping out with the Farm Fresh Fridays for the month of October. “I think the food is tasty if you cook it right,” Emma Moir said.

Emily Mitchell, Staff Writer

October 27, 2017

October is a wonderful month, featuring Halloween, fall, and pumpkin-spiced everything; but did you know it’s National Farm to School Month? “Farm to School” is a partnership program dedicated to bringing in local foods from nearby farms for students to eat in the cafeteria. Hollis Brookline is ...

Coffee Diem: Siege the Day

Ryan Farquhar, local renaissance man, puts the finishing touches on his treb for last year’s project. His group built an interesting variant on the base trebuchet using a design called a “murlin,” using various ropes to increase the acceleration of the machine. “[Trebuchet Day] is the big hurrah of the year for physics,” said Perry.

Joseph Schunemann, A&E Editor

October 26, 2017

This Friday yields one of the most exciting and anticipated in-school events of the year, the AP Physics I Trebuchet day. Every year, the physics students of Hollis Brookline High School lay awake in their beds on treb day eve, listening for the sound of the *clop clop clop* of trebuchet wheels moving on ...

Homecoming tradition continues to entertain

Students enjoy socializing and dancing in the mini gym. Adam McQuilkin '18, photographer and Senior student council president, said, “Homecoming was a huge success, it came out better than I could have hoped thanks to the wonderful Mr. Perry and Ms. Ainsworth-Brown, our class advisers, and the HB student body.”

Isaac Wimmer, Op-Ed Editor

October 26, 2017

This year’s Homecoming festivities were a blowout success, with higher attendance among both upper and lower classmen, quality concessions, and genuinely good spirits all around. The event ran from 7-10 p.m. in the mini-gym, with concessions situated in the main gym. The music was provided by stude...

You Won’t BELIEVE What Student Council is up to!

Senior Class Representative Jack Aldana-Proulx spends his fourth period in the library assisting Christine Heaton. He is a stand up individual and a wonderful spokesman for the senior class.

Patrick Grimes, Humor Editor

October 26, 2017

Student council: a group that often goes overlooked by the student body at large, yet they are at the core of all that goes on for their class, especially  senior year. Without the Student Council, though, many of the essential parts of senior year would not happen: prom, senior trips, and the senior pr...

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