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Basque-ing in glory

Andy Basque ‘20 makes a touchdown saving tackle on a kickoff during the 2018-2019 season against Alvirne. The Cavaliers were victorious at the end of this close matchup, in part by Andy's performance. “I have no fear that Andy will make a mistake when it comes to game time” said Shea Philbrook ‘20.

Quinten Wimmer, Staff Writer

October 14, 2019

Athletics are an important part of many high schoolers’ lives. Student athletes countdown the days until their respective season begins. It is very common for students to play a sport, and as all student athletes know, balancing sports and school is very demanding and sacrifices have to be made. As ...

The positive impacts of unified sports teams

Members of the Unified Soccer Team go to defend the ball from the opposing team at Tuesday’s home game. The Unified Soccer Team was very successful in their first game, winning it 15-12 against Alvirne. “I love being able to kick the ball to my teammates,” said Beth Garcia ‘24.

Elise Dinbergs, Co-A&E Editor

October 9, 2019

At HBHS, there is a unique opportunity available to all students  that many schools across the state don’t have: unified sports. The inclusion of unified sports teams at our school is very beneficial for the HB school community, giving opportunities to the Life Skills kids that are very special to t...

Next Man Up

Blake Bergerson ‘21 reals in a long touchdown pass from quarterback Sander Wimmer ‘20. The Hollis Brookline Cavaliers football team went 1-1 without their star wide receiver Quinten Wimmer ‘20, but the emergence of some promising young talent proved to be a bright spot for the team. “I knew I would have to step it up for us to do well,” said Bergerson.

TJ McKenna, Asst. Sports Editor

October 8, 2019

If you’ve heard of Hollis Brookline Football, there’s no way you haven’t heard of the Wimmer twins. Over the past two years, Seniors Quinten and Sander Wimmer ‘20 have dominated Division II New Hampshire football and have been the stars of the Hollis Brookline Cavaliers football team. This y...

Winning Without White

Tasha White ‘20 during a 2018 regular season game against Souhegan, chasing the ball as she approaches goal. This is the third season she has been a starter for the Hollis Brookline Varsity girls soccer team. “We have the full potential everywhere on the field to make playoffs, even if someone is not there,” said White.

Abi Blasi, Sport Editor

October 4, 2019

As fall sports are kicking into high gear, teams are finding it imperative to have their best players on the field in order to make playoffs. But for the girls soccer team, that may prove to be more difficult than they had anticipated. On Friday, Sept. 13, the girls varsity soccer team was playing S...

The Televised Sports War

The girls volleyball team tends to draw in a crowd, because of their success. “There is no favoring in men, it is just the way it has been, so people seem to like it more,” Fabbio ‘20. People tend to go to the sport that is the most successful in some aspects.

Kaleigh Whalen, Staff Writer

September 3, 2019

For years, people have been sitting in their homes on a cold February night, filled with family, friends and wings. This big event is for the Super Bowl. The NFL is one of the most televised leagues in the country. When was the last time there was a party of the WNBA finals? The way our society has...

On to the quarterfinals for boys lax

The quarterfinals game will be played on our home turf, and the fan support is expected to be numerous. Super fan Dhruv Miglani ‘19 is among the many fans hyped for the playoff run. “The boys have really improved on both ends of the field, and Tim Sulin is a beast!,” said Miglani.

Kyle Simpson, Staff Writer

May 31, 2019

On May 30, the boy’s lacrosse team won their opening playoff game 18-5 against Bow. After beginning the season on an 11 game winning streak, the team faced their first bit of adversity losing their final three regular-season games against Derryfield, Winnacunnet, and Windham. Still, the team finish...

Made for this

Patrice Bergeron, Brad Marchand, Torey Krug, and David Pastranak (left to right) celebrate their goal. “I love you all my brothers...4 more wins is our goal,” Marchand says in his Instagram caption after game four against the California Hurricanes. The team is ready to give it everything they got to earn the title Champions.

Paisley Brodhurst, Staff Writer

May 21, 2019

Six years ago, the Boston Bruins lost in the Stanley Cup Final when the Chicago Blackhawks scored two goals within 17 seconds to finalize the score. That devastating loss was the last time they had made it to the Stanley Cup, until now. The team made of black and yellow is still putting up a fight as ...

And the winners of the NBA Finals are…

The Golden State Warriors have reached the conference finals for the fifth year in a row, and they again don’t plan on losing here. This team is built off the starting lineup of five all-stars, along with an above average bench and star coach. “This team has been so dominant for the past five years, I don’t see any team beating them in a seven game series,” said Evan Simonds ‘19.

Ian Babcock, Staff Writer

May 21, 2019

The NBA playoffs are filled with intense finishes, disappointments, and incredible storylines. This year has been nothing different entering the Conference Finals. The remaining four teams have gone through a lot to reach this stage, and have all endured their own challenges. The final two teams battling...

Kelsey Sweeney reaches 100 goals

 The girls lacrosse team celebrates after Sweeney recorded her 100th career goal. The “countdown” was at 98 entering the game against Keene on May 9, but fans didn’t have to wait long for number 99 and 100. “The milestone came as a pleasant surprise,” said Sweeney.

Kyle Simpson, Staff Writer

May 20, 2019

Kelsey Sweeney ‘19 scored her 100th career varsity lacrosse goal during a game against Keene on May 9. Entering the game with 98 goals, the fan’s anticipation was high with the achievement in sight. Before the first quarter ended, Sweeney scored two goals and reached the triple-digit milestone. ...

Girls LAX

Girls LAX

Ian Babcock, Staff Writer

May 13, 2019

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