Wrestling trip to Virginia

Jack Shields, Sports Editor

The Hollis-Brookline high school wrestling team has always been successful. After capturing back-to-back state championships in 2012 and 2013, it became clear that a powerful dynasty was in the works. Following their success, the team’s confidence was at a high but, after a 3rd place finish in 2014, it was clear last season was a disappointment for a team that strives for perfection.

As the new year quickly came so did the team’s focus on bringing another banner to the gym. The first step in capturing another championship is to wrestle the best competition they can find, so they can restore their confidence for a new season.

On Thursday, January 8, 2015, the team departed from Logan Airport in Boston en route to Virginia. They faced an abundance of high schools in the U.S. Hollis-Brookline will be wrestling in the 2nd division, otherwise known as the American division, and they will face the best competition they have ever wrestled against.

This trip happened thanks to Hollis-Brookline’s athletic director Rhon Rupp and is designed for the team to wrestle tough competition so they can be ready for their regular season. The team will be sending only their starting players–Cam Dreyer ‘18, Clement Sherwood ‘18, Wyatt Farewell ‘16, Nathaniel Lindsey ‘16, Nick Mcpherson ‘16, Caleb Lomme ‘16, Garrett Klausner ‘16, Kayne Robert ‘16, Tre Hoey ‘15, Lucas Cummings ‘15, and Andrew Butler ‘15.

Head coach Brian Bumpus explained why this tournament in particular is important for the team.  “The only way you can get better is to wrestle better competition, thats what we have decided to do this year to help the team get better for the regular season.”

One of the team’s most important players, Nathaniel Lindsey, ‘16, talked about why he is excited for this tournament, “These teams are the toughest competition we will face throughout the year and we hope this will help us prepare for the Division II State tournament and [the Meet of Champions]”.

The team did well, squaring off against the best the country had to offer. Although the team didn’t win they learned new things to help them in their regular season. This trip to Virginia will hopefully give the team enough experience to raise another banner at Hollis-Brookline.